From tonight’s reflections at the Christmas Eve service:

2013 chalice and paten

I once saw a Communion chalice that had the signs that it had once shattered into hundreds of pieces. The easiest thing to do, it would seem, would be to just get a new one. The broken one is a lost cause. But someone saw the value in it and took the time, tiny piece by tiny piece, to put it back together. Who knows but the one who mended it how long it took to piece it back together? But it all started by taking two of the tiny pieces and putting it together. So it is with a broken relationship with God. Any normal god would just write us off and start anew. But not the God we worship. God saw the value and how by grace we could still demonstrate and carry on the divine mission. And so God began to put us back together again, piece by tiny piece, starting in the infant in Bethlehem. And in so being born, as Charles Wesley said, “God shows himself our friend.”